Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dazzling Imax Imagery with Speed Racer

Speed Racer is out in theaters this past weekend but don't forget that you can catch the flick in the beauty of IMax. After watching Speed Racer this weekend I must say that I thouroughly enjoyed the movie and it is what the producers promised it to be: a live action cartoon.

I wished I could have seen Speed Racer in IMax because the film is so colorful and bright that so much detailed flew by. The cartoon characters translate directly into the film with such comic goodness it reminded me of the Dick Tracy movie awhile back.

Speed Racer is brightly played by Emile Hirsch who has won me over in the last few years with roles in Alpha Dog and Into the Wild. Everyone fills into the world of Speed Racer nicely but I have to give kudos to John Goodman for his stern performance as Pops Racer.

Throw in some ninjas, a chimp, and Dr. Jack Shepherd and you have yourself an entertaining 2 hour ride. I was going to write up a nice review like I did in the past for Cloverfield but I found that Ken from seemed to take the words out of my mouth.

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I'm another who has been left dazzled by "SPEED RACER". I wrote a review of it - Review

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