Monday, April 28, 2008

Speed Racer Hits The Red Carpet

There's no shortage of Red Carpet pics as the cast and crew of the Wachowski Brothers Speed Racer live-actio movie premiered in Hollywood. The high-octane family adventure "Speed Racer" premiered on the 26 April, 2008 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and K-popped has a nice selection of cast pics.

'Go Speed Racer Go' Video

Check out this video: Go Speed Racer Go Music Video

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'Go Speed Racer Go' Video

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Win a Trip to L.A. with Speed Racer

You could win a trip to LA with the Go Speed Weekend contest at

Speed Racer's been training intensely for The Crucible, a treacherous cross-country rally that begins in a few weeks. At the urging of his girlfriend Trixie, he decides to take the weekend off for a little rest and relaxation. But, when you're the fastest guy on wheels, a weekend off can quickly turn into a thrilling adventure. Whether it's a rival after his records, or Mr. Royalton, the maniacal owner of wanna-be Racer X sponsor Royalton Industries, it seems like everyone's gunning for Speed. Tell the tale of what happens when Speed attempts to have a relaxing weekend that skids off-track.

Grand Prize is a trip to LA including VIP studio tour of Warner Bros., a rare and collectible Speed Racer poster, plus loads of Speed Racer gear for becoming a finalist. We’ll also have prizes for the Top Review and a voter chosen at random.

The deadline for entries is May 13th.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Joel Silver talks "Speed Racer"

(via Comic Book Resources) This past Saturday at a press junket for the upcoming Warner Bros. release of "Speed Racer" held at the Long Beach Grand Prix, mega-producer Joel Silver talked about "Speed Racer," working with the Wachowskis, and the state of "Wonder Woman."

Silver calls the film "unusual" but loves it and is happy about the pre-release reaction so far. Also unusual for the producer was the film's intended PG rating. Silver is known for high-octane, violent R-rated fare like the "Lethal Weapon" series and "the Matrix." Silver says he "always had a desire" to make a big family movie and all that entails. "I walked into a Toys 'R' Us a few days ago and the entire store was incredibly full of 'Speed Racer' material. It's like Lion King," says Silver. He never before had a filmmaking experience with ancillary product lines or lunch boxes. "It's all part of what we're trying to do ... make a big family movie." One of those products is a twenty minute DVD to be available at Target. Silver says it is "a mock documentary about the Racer family." The entire cast is in character talking about their lives. The short will be extended for the eventual home video release of the film. Silver is excited about its eventual Blu-Ray release. "Where 'the Matrix' really helped sell DVD ... this movie will help Blu-Ray," he says. (...more)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Speed Racer Toys Arrive at MTV

Speed Racer Toys
Speed Racer ToysOne of the MTV employees writes about a nice shipment of promotional toys for the upcoming Speed Racer movie that recently arrived. Isn't swag great?

A giant “Speed Racer” toolbox arrived filled with great Speed Racer goodies. "You know this isn’t your average promotional junk when opening the lid triggers a light-activated voicechip."

“All drivers to your cars” the toolbox commands as a serious-looking cardboard Emile Hirsch comes into view, alongside his equally as cardboard Mach-5 racer. And free stuff ahoy.

Speed Racer Official Website Updated; New Longer Trailer Released

The Speed Racer Movie website has gotten a total overhaul recently which features a new Flash-based guide to help you sort through the various trailers they have uploaded. On top of that a new, longer version of the International trailer has been added which features a few more minutes of nice footage. Inside you'll also find all the versions of the Speed Racer posters including the character posters released around the world.

Enjoy the new 4-minute Speed Racer International Trailer below.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

'Speed Racer' promos burst onto MTV nets

(via Hollywood Reporter) "Speed Racer" will hijack and speed up TV promos and Web sites from MTV Networks in a multilayered, cross-platform marketing campaign tied to the tentpole movie's May 9 release.

From April 10-18, what will look like regular series promos airing during commercial breaks will suddenly speed up into one about a text-message "Speed Racer" contest in which players can compete to win a $100,000 custom-built version of the Mach 5, the car driven by the film's title character.

Each of the MTV networks will air about 100 of the 15-second spots, which will include Mach 5-themed footage from the movie and run mostly adjacent to the standard "Speed Racer" commercials. The promos on steroids will include clips from "DEA" on Spike; "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila" and "The Real World" on MTV; "Miss Rap Supreme" and "Viva Hollywood" on VH1; "The Big 4-0" on TV Land; and an overall network branding spot on Comedy Central.

ESurance Exclusive Speed Racer Video

ESurance steps into the Speed Racer sponsor ring with an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie. You'll find a couple of new clips and some desktop downloads to grab. The first clip is really just a commercial featuring the animated Erin E. Surance getting dressed up in her Speed Racer outfit to go watch the movie.

There's a few clips of the movie here but you'll want to go straight to the main clip which features new footage from the movie interlaced with interviews with the cast of the Speed Racer movie.

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