Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wachowski Brothers as the Creators

Wachowski Brothers are the Creators of the Speed Racer movie. Both are huge comic/anime fans and were inspired by the original cartoon series enough to make it their next big project.
Andy and Larry Wachowski are mysterious filmmakers who want their films to stand out as well as on their own. For the popular Matrix films, they signed it into their contracts to avoid press junkets and pictures that they believed would detract from the film.
Their Matrix films were essentially a merging of various philosophic thoughts and the popular Japanese anime style that became popular with cartoons like 'Speed Racer' as well as movies like 'Ghost in the Shell.'
After the Matrix films, the Wachowskis help produce the big screen adaptation of 'V for Vendetta,' based on the wildly popular graphic novel by Alan Moore. Seeing as how cartoons, anime, comics, and graphic novels fit into their work, the Wachowski brothers are a perfect fit to bring the story of Speed Racer to the screen.

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